Hotter Than Midnight by Cynthia Eden

Title – Hotter Than Midnight

Author – Cynthia Eden

Publisher – Kensington Brava

Publisher URL:

Reviewer – Dragonflytailz

Rating – 5 lyres recommended read 

 Emily Drake has seen monsters all her life. Shifters, Demons, Vampires and lots of other creatures that go bump in the night. She’s a shrink with a thriving clientele of Other creatures Vamps that can’t drink blood, shifter’s that can’t shift even a succubus that wants to be thought of as more than a sex symbol. Emily is also has strong empathic talents which she often uses to help her patients. 

Colin Gyth is the lead detective in a brutal homicide when his boss tells him to get Emily to take a look at the crime scene he wonders why. When he discovers that Emily has the ability to see his kind and read minds he’s less than thrilled he is worried his secrets may be exposed. Emily and Colin team up to catch a serial killer who is less than human. A killer that has no intention of giving up his killing rage and human are his prey. When the killer’s focus shifts to Emily Colin will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. 

Ms Eden does not disappoint Hotter than Midnight will keep you up after midnight turning those pages. Warning this book is so hard to put down. Paranormal readers will love how Ms Eden has taken a great variety of paranormal favorites added an amazing plot and a hotter than hot romance.

 Definitely a keeper and a recommended read.


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