The Marquis and the Mistress by Meagan Hatfield

Title – The Marquis & The Mistress

Author – Meagan Hatfield

Genre – historical

Publisher – DCL Publications

Publisher URL:

Reviewer – Valerie Eisiminger

Rating – 4 LYRES

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Cosette is a twenty eight year old beauty who not only grew up with the hero (Francois) but fell totally in love with him. When he left she had to fend for not only herself, their baby Aimee, and her baby sister. They ended up in an Abbot and Cosette was discovered by Vivienne le Brun and turned into a courtesan. Becoming a glorified prostitute might not have been what she wanted to become but she certainly wasn’t about to let her dependants suffer or starve if she could help it. So swallowing her pride and stiffening her spine, Cosette set out to make the best of her life while secretly stashing money aside in order to get out from under Vivienne’s control.


Francois is a strong man whose past decisions have left him both haunted and stronger. Forced to leave Cosette by his father, Francois ends up struggling to survive on some God-forsaken island. Years later Francois is surprised to run into Cosette, and even more shocked to learn that she’s a courtesan and is in fact the kings mistress.


Torn apart and then ultimately brought back together, this couple embarks on a journey to not only understand what happened that caused them to split in the first place, but to deal with the fact that now she’s in the oldest profession and he’s married to someone else. Add to that the fact that someone is out to kill the king and they have to protect him at all costs. As well as, the fact that they both have secrets that they’re trying to protect! All this leaves the reader so deeply enmeshed in the book that they don’t even realize the time.


I totally love the idea of a romance with a women whose reputation isn’t the pure and above reproach one that we’ve come to expect! Ms. Hatfield did a fantastic job of weaving their (Cosette & Francois’) story. There were times while reading the story that I was laughing out loud! There were other times that my heart was breaking for this couple yet I was always rooting for them. To say that the sex was steamy would be putting it mildly too. I could very easily imagine this book on bookstore shelves and if it wasn’t for one big mistake this book would get a recommenced read! So here goes.. At one point in the story on page 240 Ms. Hatfield types “Whoops! Reason #1 not to write on two books at the same time. LOL! him.” (240 Hatfield). I could just imagine some woman writing like a maniac struggling to keep up with the muses in her head. I was really disappointed when I thought about it though. It was something that an editor should have found! Truly though, I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying the rest of the story. 


One thought on “The Marquis and the Mistress by Meagan Hatfield

  1. Hi Valerie,

    I am so glad you enjoyed Cosette and Francois story and thank you for the taking the time to review it.

    I cringed when I saw the comment to my editor too and am so sorry it pulled you out of the story. It has since been removed from the copies being currently sold. Yes, I do write like a maniac, but you shouldn’t know that. LOL!

    Thanks again for the kind words and best to you in all your endeavors!


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