Firelight by Linda Mooney


Title – Firelight

Author – Linda Mooney

Genre – Paranormal Contemporary Romance

Publisher – as an Amazon Short

Publisher URL:

Reviewer – Dragonflytailz

Rating – 4 LYRES



Connie Crawford has recently bought a cottage and after a long and exhausting few days, she’s relaxing in her favorite chair watching the play of flames in her fireplace. When she hears a strange male voice, talking to her she is sure she is either imagining it or dreaming.


Nathaniel is a ghost who believes Connie possesses the soul of his beloved Caroline. Nathaniel died in 1864 after a wound he received at Appomattox developed ganegrene. He has waited to find Caroline’s soul again.



Nathaniel uses all his ghostly powers to seduce Connie and recreate a memory of his beloved Caroline. Connie for her part is not sure how real any of the night by firelight is .Is it her imagination, is she dreaming or is she simply so exhausted that her mind is playing tricks on her.



Connie and Nathaniel are both very likable characters though at times I felt the story stalled and the flow appeared interrupted. I also have to point out that simple spelling mistakes and other editing flaws are partially responsible for the lower rating


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