A Simple Arrangement by Tracy Williams





Author-Tracy Williams


Reviewer-Penny Ash

Rating- 3 Lyres



Rebecca Shannon Winter Dickinson, is the typical historical novel heroine. She’s sold by her father to a man she doesn’t want to marry and sets out to make her unwanted husband’s life miserable.



The hero of the story, Shaheed, doesn’t want to marry Rebecca but does anyway. His goal to make her life as miserable as she’s made his.




The plot of the story seems to be pretty standard arranged marriage fare, the hero and heroine are both miserable until they realize they really do love each other. Outside forces try to pull them apart but they manage to stay together despite it all.




The book suffers from several problems. The lack of a good editor is the first thing I noticed but from what I’ve been told that’s standard for PublishAmerica. I see lots of errors that a fan of the genre would cringe at but could be fixed with just a little bit of research into the era it’s set in, which seems to be late Georgian or very early Regency England. I really hate giving out a less than good review but there are just too many problems with the book. On the other hand I did give points for the author being able to tell a story. I would suggest she find a better publisher for her next work.




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