Alter Ego by P.S. Haven




Title-Alter Ego

Authors- P.S. Haven

Publisher-Mojocastle Press

Buy Now-

Reviewer-Penny Ash

Rating- 4 LYRES




Margot, alias Supernova, is a superhero. Part of the Sentinels, LLC crime fighting group as well as wife and mother.


Will Miller, photographer and husband of Margot. Ordinary mortal. Or is he?


Will Miller loves his wife. He’s just not sure he can satisfy her. After all how does a woman who can lift a battleship, bend titanium, and outrun a ballistic missile have sex with a normal man? As the secrets of the Sentinels begin coming to light Will watches his marriage sink further into darkness. Obsession, perversion, jealousy, deceit, and even just plain worry culminate in secrets being revealed until Supernova’s own dark secret is exposed.


I definitely have not read a story like this one before. It gave a whole new slant to the superhero story line. The author gives the reader an inside view of life as a superhero, the corporate sponsorship, the infighting among the super crime fighters, and what happens when a person with super powers is married to a mere mortal.


I have to say I enjoyed this book a lot, it was a fun read. It was kind of like reading a comic book only without the pictures.


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