In the Shadow of the Selkie by M. A. duBarry




Title-In the Shadow of the Selkie

Author-M.A. duBarry


Reviewer-Penny Ash

Buy now-

Rating- 2 LYRES


Born to protect Selkies, Lady Theodosia Barrett is sent to find a Selkie skin by the evil Queen of the Dark Fin-Folk.


King Roane Cu Mara is a Selkie vampire and sets out to find out why Theo tried to kill him.


Theo gets more than she bargained for when she gives in to the evil Queen and goes hunting a Selkie skin. She meets Roane and to get away from him uses her skills as a vampire hunter to stake him. He doesn’t die and shows up later to claim Theo as his bride.


Together they fight the evil Queen Dubheasa to save the Selkies and Theo’s family in this tale of desire and jealousy.


I will admit a Selkie vampire is something I haven’t seen before, and I’ve been studying the Fae folk for over 30 years. I’ll also admit this is where the author lost me, stretching my willing suspension of disbelief a wee bit too far. I also found it hard to believe that someone born to protect Selkies apparently didn’t know diddly squat about them. I was disappointed in the sex scenes as well, not finding them sexy at all.


Another thing that seriously disappointed me in the story was the fact the author felt she just had to throw in the vampire stuff. As if Selkies weren’t fascinating enough on their own. It makes me wonder just how much research into Selkies, Fae Folk, and Irish folklore the author actually did.

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