Journal by Gail Smith


Title: Journal

Author: Gail Smith

Genre: short horror

Publisher: Tease Publishing LLC

Publisher URL:

Reviewer: Dianne Pearson

Rating: 4 lyres




In Journal, a young woman is left to fend for herself in a world where the dead are walking after a meteor showers radioactive dust on the world. As she tries to make it home to Alabama, she has to survive attacks from the living and the dead.


As a zombie fan, I was eager to read this short story. It’s short and to the point, without a lot of extra wordage. The violence is fairly satisfying and the gore is pretty good. As short horror goes, it’s a decent read! For such a short story, the characters are three-dimensional and well rounded. The bad guys (the living ones!) are easily imaginable. In a zombie siege, I’d be more scared of the living than the dead if they are anything like Ms. Smith’s bad guys!


My one fault with this novel is the very end. I loved the ending—great twist. It’s just hard to suspend my disbelief when I read it though. After all that happens, I was wondering when and how the main character had the time to write the final journal entry. It did sort of crash the party a little bit. But it wasn’t enough to stop me from enjoying the story. The writing is great, technical and in the sense of ‘voice’. The story flows well, moves fast, and is a great read.


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