Destruction of an Innocent by MArtha McBryar


Title: Destruction of an Innocent (Tease Dark Tarot)

Author: Martha McBryar

Genre: Dark fantasy

Publisher: Tease Publishing LLC

Buy now URL:

Reviewer: Dianne Pearson

Rating: 3 lyres




In Destruction of an Innocent, a young werewolf is turned into a vampire and must protect her sister from forces that threaten to destroy the entire preternatural world. Will she be able to keep her sister safe without revealing herself or the act of betrayal that has left her damned for eternity?


Kylie was a happy, peaceful werewolf until a scorned lover in possession of a goddess-created scepter killed her and turned her into a vampire. Because her sister is sworn to kill hybrids and the undead, Kylie goes into hiding. Over a few hundred years, she keeps an eye on her sister and tries to solve the mystery of how to destroy the mythical scepter. She discovers deeper conspiracies that involve family members.


It’s not a bad story, overall. I think some of the editing could have been tweaked. Lots of run-on sentences that could have been cut in half and been easier to read. The characterization was good, although the setting was a little blurry and had to pin point for a while. The writing itself is strong. I have the feeling this could have been a little more epic. I’m not sure why the author limited it to such a short story. Anime movies like Vampire Hunter D and Blood: The Last Vampire came to mind as I read this. It’s a rather dark story and the characters develop nicely. It’s pace is a little slow, which makes me think it would be better as a longer story than a short one. The ending is slightly disappointing, since there isn’t really any closure to any of the situations.


Overall, it’s a good story. Another great addition to the Tease Dark Tarot line-up!


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