Eden’s Pass by Kimberly Nee


Title -Eden’s Pass

Authors-Kimberly Nee

Genre-Historical Romance

Publisher-Samhain Publishing

Publisher URL: http://samhainpublishing.com/coming/edens-pass


Rating-4 LYRES

Available now in e-book format!



Fiona “Finn” Eden is a “half-breed” who escapes slavery by disguising herself as a boy and embarking on a life at sea as the servant to Antoine Beauregard, Captain of the “Smiling Jack”. Fortunately for Finn, the captain and crew are too drunk to suspect the truth regarding her gender.


Captain Iñigo Sebastiano hails from Spain and is master of the “Maria”. He is all you could envision in a handsome, swashbuckling, Latin lover. He rules his domain with an iron fist but when he captures the “Smiling Jack” and makes Finn his cabin boy, he is in for more trouble than he ever imagined.


This delightful tale is set in the West Indies region during the seventeenth century, often referred to as “The Golden Age of Piracy”. Finn disguises herself as a boy to escape slavery and serves Captain Beauregard aboard the “Smiling Jack”. The drunkard Beauregard strikes a bargain with Finn promising “him” command of the ship but the day never comes. Spanish pirates attack the “Smiling Jack”. Iñigo, impressed by Finn’s courage designates ‘him” as his cabin boy. However, it is a decision the captain comes to rue when faced with Finn’s arrogance and defiance.


EDEN’S PASS conjures visions of Pirates of the Caribbean but the colorful characters keep you riveted and move the story forward at an exciting pace. Captain Iñigo is a delicious hero, sure to please most readers but Finn tends to push the limits of credibility. It was difficult to suspend reality and believe the captain would tolerate such behavior from a cabin boy. However, as the story progresses and their romantic relationship unfolds, Finn becomes a far more likeable heroine. Ms. Nee does a wonderful job building the sexual tension between the hero and the heroine with sensual description and character introspection. The love scenes are not explicit but appropriate to the plot and crafted with finesse. EDEN’S PASS is a remarkable story of a bygone era written with great care to historical detail and featuring a cast of unforgettable characters sure to delight and inspire you.


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