Bad Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad

Title-Bad Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad

Authors-Edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Lee Hillman, Jeff Lyman

Publisher-Marrietta Publishing


Rating-4 LYRES


Bad Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad is the second volume in the Bad Ass Faeries series. Another wonderful collection of stories about Faeries the way they were meant to be, just plain bad. There are twenty stories in this collection ranging from rebels and rogues to enforcers and other shadowy beings. I enjoyed my second walk on the wild side. The stories that stood out for me were Bottle Caps and Cigarette Butts by Bernie Mojzes (I’d enjoy seeing more of his work) and Elaine Corvidae’s A Clear Cut Case.

One thing I have to say I didn’t care for in this volume was the artwork. I don’t mean to be snarky but it did kind of turn me off openeing the book. And the artwork inside wasn’t up to the standard of the first book. Aside from those two minor things I loved the peek into the real world of Faeries who would have Tinkerbell for lunch.


I’m giving this anthology 4 Lyres for the stellar stories. With better art I’d have given it a 5. I definitely recommend it for the stories and I’m looking forward to more. Soon. No pressure or anything, just saying.


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