A Greater Art by Ainsley Davidson

Title: A Greater Art by Ainsely Davidson

Publisher: Amira Press

Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy romance

LEngth: Novel

Reviewer: Ash Arceneaux

Rating: 4 lyres

Merianne escaped tyrannical rule to protect her daughters. Just as she begins to feel at home on a new planet, she meets Thorne, a man who may or may not be one of the very men she has escaped from. Her daughters trust him and as they begin to show their inherited supernatural talents, he falls in love with the entire family. When the girls are kidnapped, the only way to save them might be by trusting Thorne, and Merianne just isn’t sure she can do that.

Honestly, my first thought when I saw the book was published by Amira Press,  I was very hesitant to read it. My past experiences with some of Amira’s books have been…painful, to say the least. The cover art is painfully awkward and I hope the author will insist on something much better and professional with her next book.

Now, the review. I was pleasantly surprised by this story. I love a good space opera, and A Greater Art satisfied my craving for a story that would sweep me into the stars. Sometimes the prose is a little awkward and there were many times that the text could have tightened up considerably, but over all this story was very well written. This is definitely one of those stories, that if I saw it in print (and with BETTER COVER ART) I would buy and place on my keeper shelf. The characters are well-formed and solid. Each comes to life and remains in the reader’s head long after the book is done. The dialogue is great. The settings are 3-D and easy to imagine. I loved the world-building. One of my biggest issues with small press sci-fi/fantasy is the weak world building. Ms. Davidson has definitely spent some time on her planets!

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good sci-fi story with a big heart!




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