Tree of Buried Secrets


TITLE: Tree of Buried Secrets

Author: Cassie Exline

Publisher: Lyrical Press

ISBN: Not available

Genre: Erotic Romance

Rating 4/5

Reviewer: Katherine P.



We first meet Julia who tells this sweet yet melancholy tale of love as a teen about to elope. She runs to meet her husband-to-be and to make love once more beneath the apple tree, which is the Tree of Buried Secrets of the title. From there, we flash to Julia as a woman in her seventies remembering her past and the secrets buried there. The tales moves gracefully back and forth between viewpoints, given us just enough details and pieces of the mystery to keep the pages turning. The story also emphasizes the depth of the first true love and how one will never forget it.


I liked Julia’s character both as a young girl and an older woman and understood her situation. Julia realizes she will have to tell at least part of the secret when she hears her children speculating on what she is hiding from them. They’re on the wrong track, so she must reveal to reassure and perhaps lessen a burden on herself. Exline’s tale unfolds easily and is well-paced. The writes seductive love scenes that tantalize, but she does not over use them. All in all, a string romantic story with a hint of darker elements. I look forward to exploring other works by Cassie Exline.


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