All Hallow’s Haunting by Desiree Lee


Title: All Hallow’s Haunting

Author: Desiree Lee

Publisher: Dark Castle Lords

ISBN: 978-1-921347-67-2

Genre: Paranormal/Ghost/Romance

Release Date: October 2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: Katherine P.


Silas Coulbourne murdered his wife and son, and thirteen-year-olds Kit and Dane plan a séance to talk to their ghosts. But it all goes wrong, and a ghost takes Dane away. But no one believes Kit’s story.


Kit suffers from the town’s lack of belief in her story, spending a fairly lonely 10 years until an apparition that resembles Dane visits her. This prompts her to investigate the truth of what happened that fateful night. Kit


Desiree Lee has written a well-paced ghostly tale. The reader is easily drawn into the action and also wants to discover Dane’s fate. Lee’s main characters and supporting cast are likable although the dialogue is a bit stilted at times. The story possesses the necessary tension to keep the reader turning pages. I enjoyed reading this tale, but I would have preferred an earlier finale. Ending a couple chapters sooner would have given strength to the story’s overall impact and given the reader more post-tale food for thought. Sometimes it’s nice to create what happens next in the mind rather than having it spelled out. That said, I look forward to reading more of Lee’s work.


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