The People You Know, the Sex They Have by Aubrey Leatherwood


Title: The People You Know the Sex They Have

Author: Aubrey Leatherwood

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Reviewer: Val Pearson

Rating: 4


The People You Know, The Sex They Have is an anthology written by Aubrey Leatherwood. The stories introduce you to a myriad of characters with different sexual situations and emotions. These three tales are definitely erotic in nature.


The Hall Monitor

Gayle, a highly paid professional business woman, dresses and acts the part in this first story. Eric has worked hard to achieve his security guard position and is proud of his accomplishment. The first encounter between Gayle and Eric brims with eroticism and is an experience neither could have predicted.


I loved getting to know Gayle and Eric, a commitment-phobe and an unusually quiet man who knew what he wanted respectively. They represent well the concept of the perfect “odd couple.” I felt they had a strong connection from the minute they first spoke. I would have loved a longer story about these two characters and felt a powerful connection with them.


The Kiln

Lucious works hard and finally finds a position at the Kiln and is paired with Tammy. But he has little interest in brick making and spends more time thinking about getting to know Tammy. Tammy, on the other hand, loves brick making. Lucious gets a chance to learn more about Tammy, the group at The Kiln and brick making, which he learns to like when he’s invited to a party.


I enjoyed this very interesting and erotic story. Tammy and Lucious have a strong bond and I liked the anticipation Leatherwood created as they gravitated toward one another. The emotions they had were unexpected and endearing. Leatherwood did an extremely good job at explaining everything that had to do with the Kiln.


Sahara’s On a Plane to Munich

Sahara, a generally happy person, has a relationship with a funny guy, Corey. He didn’t rock her world, and they didn’t spend much quality time together, but he had humor, although not as bright as he or others thought.


Sahara has had enough of her hum drum life and decides to make some changes. She meets Ingo, a classmate, socially for the first time. They proceed to go back to his house and my favorite part of the story is when she sees his room. She makes discoveries about her life that she didn’t realize she could.


I liked this story as it had a lot of humor especially towards the end. I enjoyed watching Sahara go from doing what everyone had expected of her to doing what made her happy.

I enjoyed where Leatherwood took her characters. I would recommend this book to those who like erotic stories.


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