Along for the Ride by Ruby Bartek


Title: Along for the Ride

Author: Ruby Bartek

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

ISBN: Not Available

Format: Ebook

Genre: Contemporary Erotic

Length: Novella

Rating: 4 stars

Reviewer: Val Pearson


Laurel’s boyfriend, Phillip, has left her for a young intern. He had done nothing but put her down and call her dispassionate in bed. She still harbored the ill feelings and self-consciousness with which Phillip left her. (Make sure Phillip is right; I might have messed it up and I don’t know if it has 1 l or 2.) However, Rafi, her driver and a younger man, intrigues her. Rafi intends to let Laurel know just how much passion she possesses and to help her recognize her own beauty. Rafi plans to show her the feelings he has kept hidden for her all the years he has driven her places.


I like Laurel’s character because she finds herself when she is with Rafi. Laurel resembles a blossoming flower because of Rafi and can see herself through Rafi’s eyes. Rafi has had intimate feelings for Laurel for a long time and now is the time to show her. He goes out of his way to satisfy her sexual appetite and experience new things that neither of them have done.


I thought this was a fun book to read and I loved the characters together. I felt it was so sweet that Rafi did not allow Laurel to put herself down and to look inside herself to find the amazing woman that she really is. Ruby Bartek did a wonderful job with this story and I look forward to reading many more of her books.



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