Sanguine Moons by Anthony Owens


Title: Sanguine Moons

Author: Anthony Owens

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing


Release Date: December 9, 2008

Format: Ebook

Genre: Vampire/Paranormal

Length: Short Story

Rating: 4.5

Reviewer: Katherine Petersen


Weston and Morris work on a ranch, letting cattle out and returning them to their pens. But they don’t resemble typical cowboys, and the cattle have nothing in common with cows as we know them.


Owens has a way with words and nicely drops hints without revealing too many details. He writes thoughtful descriptions of people and their environments that make the story come to life. The tale shows us the difference it makes when one responds to someone who is different with oen’s true feelings rather than as society dictates. While it stands well on its own as a short story, this piece would work well as a chapter—whether the first or not—of a novel. I look forward to reading more of Owens’s work.


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