At My Window with a Broken Wing by Ric Wasley


Title: At My Window with a Broken Wing

Author: Ric Wasley

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing

ISBN: 9781935013563

Release Date: Dec. 9, 2008

Format: Ebook

Genre: Mainstream

Length: Short Story

Rating: 5

Reviewer: Katherine Petersen


Debbie, a pretty girl with sad blue eyes, meets Ric, the lead singer in a band during a show on a college campus. They spend time together that evening, and she visits him for a weekend a few months later. Ric’s friend keeps reminding him “she’s a nice girl.” The question is: How much attention does he pay to his friend’s words.


Ric Wasley has written a poignant story both sad and sweet. His talent enables him to set scenes well, build characters even in such a short space and give meaning to the smallest action. He shows readers how events, that might not seem earth-shattering at the time, can have an immense impact and serve as a turning point. His tale also illustrates the lengths people will go to conform to an image, perceived to be “right” rather than just letting who they are shine through.

I continue to enjoy reading Wasley’s work.


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