VooDoo Nights by Ann B. Morris


Title: Voodoo Nights

Author: Ann B. Morris

Publisher: Champagne Books

ISBN: 0973762780

Release Date: December 2005

Format: Ebook

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: Novel

Rating: 4.5

Reviewer: Katherine Petersen


After her Aunt Isobel’s murder, Selena Castillo flies to New Orleans to sell Isobel’s business and apartment building. A surprise in the form of sexy FBI Special Agent Vic Lambruzzi meets her flight. As an investigative reporter, Selena wants to find out who killed her aunt, and Vic, pretending to be her new husband, has the job of keeping her safe. It appears someone close to Isobel works with a ring of snuff movie importers, but a symbol painted in blood next to the body suggests a voodoo link.


The independent and stubborn Selena doesn’t take direction well, and sparks begin to fly between the pair. Selena insists on outings alone until unwanted presents begin to arrive in the apartment including a snake.


Selena capitalizes on being in New Orleans to gather information on voodoo for an upcoming article. One of her aunt’s employees, Teicha, introduces Selena to her Tante Odile, the oldest living voodooienne in the city. But then dead bodies start turning up, and Selena begins to take Vic’s warnings seriously. Vic and Selena recognize their mutual attraction and romantic tension builds. Both have past histories that won’t allow them to get emotionally close to another that will prove difficult, if not impossible, to overcome.


Ann B. Morris has clearly spent time in New Orleans to bring the mystique and pulse of the French Quarter to life for her readers. With well-drawn, sympathetic characters and a terrific plot, she draws readers into her world from the start. She keeps this fast-paced story moving, incorporating many twists and throwing blame on enough individuals to keep the reader guessing as to who has done what. She sprinkles in details about voodoo history and lore, Mardi Gras festivities and the beauty and revelry of New Orleans that will entice readers to visit if they haven’t already. Morris has a talent for description whether it’s Tante Odile’s room where she practices her voodoo arts, the grave site of Marie Laveau or Aunt Isobel’s apartment. It’s impossible not to like Selena with a nose for a story and a mind of her own, and any woman will fall for Vic’s Cajun charm and talent in the kitchen. The passion between the two seems only natural.


Fans of romantic suspense will delight in this tale of murder, mystery and romance. I look forward to reading more of Morris’s work.


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