Rhapsody in Red by Donn Taylor

Title: Rhapsody in Red

Author: Donn Taylor

Publisher: Moody Publishers

Genre: Christian, mystery

ISBN: 9780802451163

Length: novel

Rating: 5 lyres– Recommended Read!

Reviewer: A.D. Roland

Preston Barclay, a history professor, likes his life as a self-proclaimed recluse. When his wife died, he developed musical hallucinations, and his work and isolation helps him deal. When a colleague is murdered, the evidence points to him and another professor, headstrong Mara Thorn. They both realize the only way they are going to escape blame is to build their own defense, they take on the case themselves. With an incompetent college administrator, relentless police, and some bad guys who wear black and drive big SUV’s on their tails, they must find a way to prove themselves innocent.

I loved this book. I’m generally not a huge fan of mystery, but Mr. Taylor’s quirky, light-hearted, poignant writing hooked me from page one. I read it in one sitting, and I can’t recall a single negative thing about the book. It was such an interesting story, with captivating characters and some pretty funny moments! The Christian elements in the book are light, gently encouraging without overwhelming.

Definitely a ‘5’ in my book!


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