Scoprio Risen by Desiree Lee

Title: Scorpio Risen

Author: Desiree Lee

Publisher: Tease Publishing



Release Date:   Format: Ebook

Genre: Paranormal 

Length: Short Story

Rating: 4.5

Reviewer: Val Pearson

Amukan Troik was the Alpha leader of the Centruroides Clan of Reno. It was his duty to represent his people and a new contestant to vie for leadership had just presented himself. His name was Koda Webb of the Loxosceles Clan. Although Koda had a reputation of being vicious, Amukan was determined to represent his clan with integrity and determination. On a trip out to the desert with is wife Elna, to get away from everything, they are attacked and Amukan is certain he sees a tattoo on the leader before both Amukan and Elna are murdered. Deylen, Amukan’s son, has been looking for the opportunity to show his father that he has what it takes to take over leadership of the clan. Upon Amukan’s death, Deylen gets his opportunity but is faced with opposition from neighboring clans. Koda Webb is the first to challenge him. Lance one of Koda’s clan has a run in with Erik, one of Deylen’s clan. Rather than have Erik killed as Koda wants, Lance and Erik are told to fight it out. Erik wins and tells Lance that he does not want to kill him. Later Erik is found dead and the domino effect over power soon takes place. It becomes a war between the clans. To blow off steam, Deylen heads to the casino and who does he see? None other than than his lab assistant Seneca McLane. She is dressed to the nine’s and she’s counting cards! Privately calling her on her game, he joins the table, wins a few hands and asks her to dinner. Let the fireworks begin!

Seneca McLane, a mortal, is brought in to Deylen’s lab as the new lab technician.

She is a fiercely independent, strong-willed and opinionated. Seneca finds herself hopelessly attracted to Deylen but he is her boss and she cannot risk losing her new job as she has to save up for medical school. Together they strike up a plan to join forces at the casino tables. With Seneca being a mortal, any relationship between Deylen and Seneca would be prohibited. It could only cause her danger.

I fell in love with Scorpio risen right from the first paragraph. Deylen’s character was painstakingly loyal to his clan and to Seneca. The relationship between Deylen in a way was bittersweet with the fact that their relationship was forbidden. Their sexual relationship was intense. Deylen and Seneca were unable to keep their hands off of each other. I could feel the attraction the two had together from the minute their characters met.

Desiree Lee has done it once again. Scorpio Risen was an intense read on several levels. The plot was amazing. The conflict between the hero and enemy made this book just that much sweeter. The emotions between Deylen and Seneca left me wanting to read more about the two as a couple. This was a smart, witty, and very intelligent read that I would recommend to anyone who is a romance reader. If you are new to paranormal romances (like me) or have never read one, I highly recommend you try this book out. It is written in a very articulate way and lends explanations when necessary. I consider this to be an excellent book. The only thing I could possibly think that would make this a better book is if it were longer.


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