Strong, Silent Type by Lorelei James

Title: Strong,Silent Type
Author: Lorelei James
Publisher: Samhain
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60504-521-4
Release Date; May 5th, 2009
Format: Ebook
Genre: Western Romance, Red Hots
Length: Novella
Rating: 5 Lyres
Reviewer: GJM

After fourteen years together, nine of them married Libby McKay has had enough of her husband Quinn’s silent ways. That fact that they haven’t been intimate for three months despite Libby updating her hairstyle and wardrobe isn’t helping Quinn’s case so Libby tells him to “Get Out”

Quinn McKay realizes Libby is serious three months after she kicks him out. Figuring he was wrong thinking it would all blow over in a week or two. Now he’s determined to get his wife back he’s prepared to do whatever it takes including learning how to woo her.

Anyone who has read Ms James Rough Rider Series will be familiar with the wild, rough housing McKay men Quinn isn’t as wild as his cousins in fact he’s been tame and contained for nine years but now the gloves are off and Libby may just find the cuddly teddy bear she married can turn into a bear when pushed and presented with the right motivation.

I loved this story and Ms James took us along on the journey where both Libby and Quinn had to face their issues and grow together as a couple. The plot was believable in fact I’m sure most of us know a Libby and Quinn. We were even treated to a few cameo appearances from the Rough Rider series. Once again Ms James has a winner on her hands.


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