Craft of the Wise: The Rule of Three by Dee Carney

Title – Craft of the Wise 3: Rule of Three

Author – Dee Carney

Genre – Paranormal/Menage Romance

Publisher – Phaze

Reviewer – Ange

Rating – 3 LYRES

Liana Everton knows herself to be a cowardly, but good, witch. So when she finds herself arguing for the chance to be the one to travel to the demon realm and retrieve the Book of Shadows, it’s definitely out of character. But the book is both a threat, and a promise of power, that the witches can’t afford to leave in the hands of evil. As one of the most powerful witches in her coven, Liana has no choice but to step forward to save the day. With a set hard-bodied werewolves, who make her heart race and her body flame, as baggage.

Jarod is the “silent and broody type” but thoughtful, while his twin brother Ronan is more the outgoing type. Their mission is to defeat evil and show a certain curvy witch that there’s no need to choose between them, she’s THEIR mate. Rule of Three is written from the Liana’s point-of-view but in third-person narrative, but without the descriptions and deciphering of the hero(es) that a heroine necessary when a book is all from one view. The result of this is that I never really felt that I understood the twins. I was missing two large pieces of the puzzle because, unfortunately, the heroes’ actions, motivations, feelings and personality were not brought to life.

The basis of the story – hot, dominant werewolves, good witches protecting the world, evil witches with demons accomplices, destined mates and threesomes – made for an okay, but not particularly unique, reading experience. It was fairly interesting in the beginning but it flowed in fits and starts – almost like four separate sections that didn’t quite blend. There is some decent world-building, mission and action, and then, just as the reader is getting into it, the storyline abruptly switches to romance and sex, followed by another section of mission and action, only to be resolved quickly and switch back to focus on the mating. When in the “actionor “mating” sections, there wasn’t a good integration of the other elements and I didn’t see development of the relationship and sexual attraction other than a few lines thrown in “telling” the reader, instead of letting us experience it.

If you love a good ménage (with twin werewolves, no less!) then you’ll find Rule of Three a moderately sexy read. I have to say, I enjoyed the author’s physical descriptions of the twins, which included their “chocolate eyes” and “dark hair gelled within an inch of it’s life.” I also thought Liana’s character was unusually self aware but not self-depreciating. She acknowledges and accepts her shortcomings, as well as understands and utilizes her strengths.


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