Love’s Rescue by Tammy Barley

Title: Love’s  Rescue

Author: Tammy Barley

Publisher: Whitaker House

Genre: Historical Inspirational Romance

Rating: 5

Reviewer: ASH

1863- Jessica Hale’s family flees their Kentucky home and heads for the Nevada territories. When Unionists believe the family to be Conferate sympathizers, a horrible fire is set and kills everyone except for Jessica.  A cattleman ‘kidnaps’ Jessica and whisks her away to his ranch. Even though she tries her best to escape, he catches her every time,  and  mysteries are slowly revealed.

Before you people think I’ve gone completely insane because I’m suddenly reading all these romance novels, you should know I do  enjoy them, totally on an in-the-closet way. Especially well written, original historical inspirational romances. You will still never catch me reading Amish romance, though. Just not my cup of tea…

Love’s Rescue fits the bill for what I like to read. I will openly admit  I’m not a fan of the title (but who am I to talk? I once named a Genesis contest entry ‘Love’s Return!), but I loved the story. The conflict is definitely grittier than most, with nearly an entire family’s  death by fire early in the story, and some pretty deep dealing with emotional trauma  throughout. A lot of authors will gloss over deep feelings of loss and pain so they can pimp the happy-fuzzy-wuzzy-all-obscuring “MESSAGE”, but  Ms. Barley  did a good job of keeping  it real. I can  honestly say the only thing I didn’t care much about was the  few times when Jessica would emotionally curl up in a ball and decide God didn’t care about her. It was slightly cliched and it felt a bit forced.

The romance was  great. It didn’t happen quickly, and it felt  realistic. Although the name ‘Jake’  is about as rare in romantic fiction as  the word ‘love’, I don’t hold it against him, and I liked him. Jessica had a couple of those  TSTL moments, but what chick  who is searching for her parents’ murderer/s while  trying not to fall in love  with a  yummy rugged rancher who offers her everything she wants, doesn’t have those lapses in judgement?

Yes, that last line could have been phrased so much better.

I definitely recommend this book to anybody looking for a great historical inspirational romance novel! I enjoyed it, and will be on the lookout for anything else by Tammy Barley.


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