Queen of Hearts by Phyllis Campbell

Title: Queen of Hearts

Author: Phyllis Campbell

Publisher: BookStrand

Length: novel

Genre: historical romance

Rating: 3

Review: Ash Arceneaux

Cecelia Ashby keeps her secrets very well. She hides her true identity and works as the town doctor. One night, a stabbing victim is rushed into her office. She tends him, not knowing who he really is—the former owner of her family’s plantation, James Laurence. As the sheriff hunts for the supposed suspect—Cecelia’s brother Hank—James decides to woo Cecelia in an attempt to gain the plantation.

Queen of Hearts is a well-written, if slightly unoriginal, story. I can’t find any fault with the writing, the style, the voice. There are a couple instances of stiff dialogue. The editing is great.

Overall, it’s not a bad book. I wish the plot was little more inventive, and that the characters did more to really get to know enough about the other than their physical attributes before they started vowing true love. They couldn’t be near one another without a ‘staff jerking’ or ‘loins flaring to life’.  I felt that James’s character turned on a dime. He started as a horny, hard-ass and without too much introspection, he was a lust=love, horny Mr. Romance.

It’s not a bad read. If you like historical romance and have an empty slot on your e-reader, give Queen of Hearts a try.


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