Midnight Blue by Ric Wasley

Title: Midnight Blue

Author: Ric Wasley

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-936222-10-0

Release Date: December 22, 2009

Format: Ebook

Genre: Fantasy

Length: Novel

Rating: 3.5

Reviewer: Katherine Petersen

Michael B. falls for a raven-haired beauty at Woodstock and vows to love her forever. But the 18-year-old doesn’t realize the full commitment of his words and how long forever can be once the girl has turned him into a vampire. He doesn’t have immediate symptoms, so it takes him a couple years to recognize new-found strength and an intolerance to food. In the meantime, he has also gained an extraordinary power with women which he puts to good use on a college campus as the member of a band. He has trouble with faithfulness to his girlfriend, Amber, and is lured into the bed of Raven, the one who turned him when he comes to visit, and Lily, another vampire who appears to have more evil intentions. He wants to be faithful to Amber but can’t seem to manage it.

Michael finds himself a pawn between Lily and Raven, two older vampires representing good and evil. Midnight Blue explores his experiences, reactions and relationships for more than 20 years of his life. While many vampires are ruthless, Michael appears to have kept enough humanity for compassion, and it is this characteristic both sides covet. But what will the winning side do with this trait once it’s won…

Midnight Blue is the first in a new series from Ric Wasley, but unfortunately this novel isn’t up to the standards of his previous work like Scrimshaw. The book has a long and slow introduction before much happens. For patient readers, the tale has some terrific scenes, especially flashbacks to previous times in history that illustrate the age and power of the older vampires in the tale. Vampires in Midnight Blue have some different characteristics than in other books. For example, usually it’s the older ones who can handle sunlight, but in Wasley’s novel, it’s the younger ones. This story combines action and romance and moves at a good clip once things get started. Wasley has created characters with potential and hopefully, we will learn more about what makes them tick in future novels. I wanted Michael to succeed, but I wasn’t drawn to him as I am to some male characters like Sawyer in the Phoenix Chronicles or Bruiser in the Jane Yellowrock novels. That said, Wasley has talent as seen in other work, and I will definitely explore the second novel in this series.


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