Roughneck by Request by Isabelle Drake

Title: Roughneck By Request

Author: Isabelle Drake

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Ebook ISBN: 9781419926365

Release Date: January 2009

Format: Ebook

Genre: Exotika

Length: Short Story

Rating: 4 Lyres

Reviewer: GJM

Sadie Walker has a problem she can’t enjoy the type of sex she really wants as in her mind if she does she’ll become a tramp like her mother was considered in the small town where she grew up. So she goes to By Request and asks them to provide her ideal sexual fantasy.

When Mason is approached by Sandra the owner of By Request to help fulfill a clients fantasy he’s all for it. He has firsthand experience of how much the services of By Request can free you and save you from the never ending cycle of fighting your inner sexual demons.

When Sadie shows up at a ranch for a job interview a job she desperately needs and meets Mason her fantasy begins. She learns that sometimes in order to live your life without feeling inadequate or insecure you need to give in to temptation. Mason for his part is about to show her that giving up control can be the key to a freedom you never knew existed.

A quick read that sucks you in and holds your interest. The characters are easy to like and while there are times when Sadie’s inner demons try to break free Mason proves that he can help Sadie master her fears and help steer her through her sexual rebirth.


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