Moon Craving by Lucy Monroe

Title: Moon Craving

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Ebook ISBN: 978-0-42523304-7

Release Date: February 2010

Format: Print

Genre: Paranormal/Historical

Length: Novel

Rating:  5 Lyres Recommended Read

Reviewer: GJM

Talorc is the laird of the Sinclair clan he is also the alpha of his pack. He has long since given up on finding his true mate so when the King of Scotland orders him to marry an English woman for the second time he agrees even though he despises the English. What Talorc doesn’t count on is the feelings of possessiveness and protectiveness his new bride brings out in him from the moment he meets her.

Abigail is shocked when she finds out her own mother has arranged a marriage for her to a Scottish Laird. She’s more than a little terrified of what will happen to her should he find out about her deafness before they reach the Scottish highlands. Abigail figures if she can reach the highlands with her new husband when he banishes her for the deceit he will take pity and send her to her sister Emily who is married to a neighboring Scottish Laird instead of returning her to her mother in England.

Moon Craving is the second book in Ms Monroe’s Children of the Moon series this book was eagerly awaited and it was a long wait for fans of this series Moon Awakening the first book in the series was released in February 2007 while Moon craving was released February 2010 yes folks three long years. Now your probably asking was it worth such a long wait and in my humble opinion the answer is an overwhelming YES!!! This book was beyond awesome.

The characters came to life from page one and I found it impossible to put down I actually read it in one sitting. Talorc and Abigail both have secrets and when those secrets are exposed both are left feeling hurt and betrayed. The secondary characters are also bold and memorable there’s even a sub story between two of the secondary characters. Emily and Lachlan from the first book make a cameo appearance.

As I have stated this is the second book in the series and while it could be read alone the reader will only benefit from reading them in order. Kudos’s to Ms Monroe she really made the wait well worthwhile.  If you are looking for a mix of historical and paranormal look no further this series has it all. I only hope we don’t have to wait 3 years for the third book


One thought on “Moon Craving by Lucy Monroe

  1. I would like to read this book but the price is too much when you look at the book store . so if you have a copy of it or an e book at least , id be really grateful should you send it to my account.
    thank you so much

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