Enough by Stephanie Adkins

Title: Enough

Author: Stephanie Adkins

Publisher: Loose Id

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60737-540-1

Release Date: March 2010

Format: Ebook

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella

Rating: Recommended READ

Reviewer: GJM

Morgan Shay is about to turn thirty and she wants to fulfill yet another of her sexual fantasies before her birthday that being sex with a total stranger. All she has to do is convince her best friend Dalton to arrange it. The masquerade party is the ideal venue all Dalton has to do is get one of his friends to go along with the plan.

Dalton has been in love with Morgan for the past three years but is destined to be her best friend only as she doesn’t return his feelings. When she tells him she wants to have sex with a total stranger he’s against it and points out that it could be dangerous. Morgan however then asks him to get one of his friends to be the stranger as that way it won’t be dangerous as Dalton will know and trust the “Stranger”

The title for this book is very fitting I have never read a book where the heroine had me ranting and raving over her total lack of compassion, her selfishness, self serving attitude. Morgan is so self centered you want to slap her. When she finally gets a wake up you pray it’s not going to be too late as even though she shows all the  above faults you actually feel sorry for her.

Dalton comes across as Morgan’s doormat whatever she wants from him he gives and gives and keeps on giving getting very little in return. He obviously loves her but honestly when is enough, enough. He bows to her wishes and arranges to help her fulfill her sex with a stranger fantasy and when it goes so well that she can’t attain orgasm with anyone else he stands by and watches her with another man and even helps the other man give her what she thinks she needs.

When tragedy strikes and Morgan is drugged and almost assaulted it is Dalton who saves her even knowing that he’s finally had enough and doesn’t believe he can continue on as her friend.

Ms Adkins gets a recommended read for this as any author that can actually have a reader so passionate about their characters deserves nothing less. I swear there were times I wanted to smack Morgan but I also wanted to shake Dalton and tell him to wake up.


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