As Timeless as Stone by Maeve Alpin

Titles: As Timeless as Stone

Author: Maeve Alpin

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Length: Novella

Rating: 2 1/2

Reviewer:  Ash

A royal priestess, Seshat cast a spell to save herself from invaders in ancient Egypt. Her spell worked even better than she expected, and when she awakens, she finds herself in 19th century France. Ricard Dubois seeks something new in life, and when he brings Seshat back to life, he finds it in her. She’s amazed by his robots and steam engines, but she longs for her life back in ancient Egypt. When an inventor offers a way to return home, will Ricard choose his modern life or his newfound love?

I…yiyiyiyi….I don’t know. I’m on the fence about this book. I thought the setting was unique and the characters were interesting, but the ‘steampunk’ elements confused me. Other than a few mentions of brass robots and steam engines and horseless carriages, I didn’t really find it at all steampunk. I’m not an expert on the genre, but I’m fairly confident the spirit of the genre really isn’t in this novel. In fact, I think it would have been an interesting novel without it. I had this weird mental image throughout of the movie cast of My Fair Lady acting out the story. Very hard to concentrate on the story with Elizabeth Taylor (as Cleopatra) playing Audrey Hepborn playing Eliza playing an Egyptian priestess,  Colin Farrell (why, I’m not sure) as Dr. Higgins playing Ricard, and um…Hedonismbot from Futurama as Jean Francois.

Seshat and Ricard are a cool couple. I liked Seshat’s attitude and I felt like Alpin did her research. Ricard represented the dashing, intelligent scholar to a T. The writing is fluid and smooth and when I wasn’t trying to pretend it was a steampunk novel, I enjoyed the story.


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