Steal Away by Amber Green

Title: Steal Away

Author: Amber Green

Publisher: Loose Id

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60737-523-4

Release Date: February 2010

Format: Ebook

Genre: Erotic / Ménage/ Historical

Length: Novel

Rating: 2 1/2

Reviewer: GJM

Twilight Amery recently widowed and about to become homeless decides to hop on a freight train for Harlem to realize her dream of being a singer. After dodging the Pinkerton guards she finds herself in a car full of rice. Here she meets Daniel and Hector and her adventure truly begins. A body is found on the train when it stops in New Orleans so the trio takes flight and after pooling their money they actually pay for train tickets to Atlanta.

While staying in a whorehouse the trio takes on new names and provides entertainment to the clients. Twilight sings a few sets, Daniel dances and Hector just seems to hang out causing as much friction as possible between Daniel and Twilight. It’s while here that an old enemy of Daniels tracks them down and gives them an offer they can’t really refuse but the outcome sets the trio back on the run.

They finally arrive in Harlem and everything seems to going well when Daniel’s enemies once more find them and after a harrowing few nights our trio is forced on the run again.

I had so much trouble reading this book it was disjointed in places and rambled on like a broken record in others. The characters were really flat in my opinion and lacked any real depth. Daniel wants Twilight to spend time with Hector as Hector is attention driven and Daniel needs some space. He doesn’t, however, want to share Hector with her. Hector wants them both and poor Twilight just needs love but doesn’t want to come between the couple. Sad part was there was no real chemistry between any of the characters and unless Ms Green told us what they were feeling we didn’t have a clue. The one scene that could actually be called a ménage–if you use the term loosely– was lame and more voyeurism than ménage. As a ménage lover I was disappointed. Unfortunately, too many publishers add the term ‘menage’ to a book to increase sales, when the actual scene/scenes are not true ménages.

On a positive note, this book is a great sleep aid! What is truly disappointing is that I’m usually a fan of Ms. Green’s books!


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