The Macgregor’s Daughter by Dee Julian

Ttitle: The Macgregor’s Daughter

Dee Julian

Wild Child Publishing

Historical Romance

Rating: 4

Reviewer: Ash

Dreya Richardson, an accused spy, escaped prison and evaded capture at the hands of the dashing Marquis de Canderlay. Five years later, a handsome, injured man washes ashore on the island where Dreya has taken refuge with her powerful Scottish father. He’s lost his sight and memory, and there’s a chance he could be a dangerous pirate. Suspicious, Dreya holds him at arm’s length until she abruptly recognizes him. Once he regains his sight, she knows he’ll recognize her, and she fights her greatest fears. Has he come to arrest her, or her father?

I really like this story. It would have been a recommended read, if not for the infuriating incomprehensible Scottish dialect! I’ve never understood why an author can’t weave into the narrative at some point prior to the dialogue what we, as intelligent readers, have already deduced by sheer logic of location and setting—that the characters speak with a hearty brogue! It’s almost a distraction trying to figure out just what the heck the characters are saying.

Anyway, off my soapbox and back to the review. It’s a great story. I thought the characters were well-formed and consistent, and Dreya was sassy enough to keep my attention without coming off as arrogant or irritating. Lucian was a great hero, sexy and sweet and strong. The Macgregor’s Daughter kept me hooked. If you can bear to stagger through the dialect (luckily it’s easy enough to deduce what’s going on without it), snag a copy of this book!


3 thoughts on “The Macgregor’s Daughter by Dee Julian

  1. Thanks. I’m glad you liked the story and characters. Everyone has those pesky pet peeves. When I’m asked to judge a writing contest, I usually get at least one entry that hits on every one of mine. It makes me want to scream. Oh well…thanks for the awesome rating!!

  2. Hi adroland. I posted a message to you last night, but now I see it’s not showing up. Anyway…thank you for all the hard work you put into reading and reviewing The Macgregor’s Daughter. I’m sorry you had trouble with the dialect. It was my editor’s idea which she got from a proofer. They wanted the story to be more authentic, and I didn’t know I could negotiate these things. Oh, well…live and learn. Thanks again.
    BTW…I didn’t see a rating???

    • I got it! I just couldn’t get WordPress to work on my mobile so I could approve it. Dialect is just one of my pet peeves, and I’ve never really found it necessary, especially when a book is actually set in Scotland or Ireland or wherever. It’s sort of assumed these people speak with an accent! But your book was great, dialect aside, and I enjoyed reading it. I’ll edit to add the rating!

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