Eve of Destruction by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Title: Eve of Destruction

Author: Lizzie Lynn Lee

Publisher: Audiolark


Release Date: March 2010

Audio book

Genre: Erotic / Ménage/ Futuristic/ Multiple Partners/BDSM

Length: Novella

Rating: Audiobook 1/5 ebook 4/5

Reviewer: GJM

Eve Aizawa is a digital inmate and is offered 30 years off her sentence if she goes undercover and completes a mission. She will be teamed up with Raul Mason. Their cover is a pair of exotic dancers who have a volatile relationship. In reality Raul is a tech expert and it’s his job to break into the vault and get info on one Jean-Val Cedolin.  Eve’s part in this mission is to seduce Jean-Val and determine if he’s really Adrian Black and if she can prove that he is in fact Adrian Black, she is to assassinate him.

Without giving too much away the mission goes sideways and secrets of all three main players are revealed.

A while ago, and to some extent even now, we have the print-versus-ebook debate. Some of us love holding a print book in our hands and turning pages. Others love the convenience of carrying  hundreds of books everywhere they go on an ereader. Then there are those of us that enjoy and read both format.

What does all this have to do with the review?  Lots. I have to admit, I’d never tried an audio book before and after trying this one I’m in no hurry to try another. I thought the narrator’s boring monotone left a lot to be desired. In fact, I couldn’t even finish listening to the book. When you have what should be a red hot sex scene and a mission debriefing delivered in the same monotone you are left wondering,  did the narrator  even bother to read the material prior to recording it? So she could get an idea of the character so that maybe she could express a few emotions while reading it for others?

We are led to believe that the written word can not convey emotion as well as speech can. In this case I beg to differ. After giving up on the audio book I read the ebook and truly loved it. The characters came to life through the written word for me. Eve is certainly a kick Ass heroine and both Raul and Jean- Val are both heroes with not only secrets but flaws and vulnerabilities.

I have given this book two ratings: one for the Audiobook and one for the ebook version, as I believe that to just rate the book on the audio version in this case would be grossly unfair. Well done, Ms. Lee,  for bringing your readers a great story.


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