Stellar Heat by Scarlett Jameson

Title: Stellar Heat

Author: Scarlett Jameson

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Ebook ISBN:

Release Date: April 23rd 2010

Format: Ebook

Genre: Futuristic, Menage, Sci fi

Length: Novella

Rating: Recommended READ

Reviewer: GJM

Twins from Zaphron,  Jak and Qwin must share a heart mate. So when Jak finds her, he is more than willing to claim her on the spot. Trouble is, Qwin isn’t ready to claim their mate. He wants to wait until they are more established in their careers as Star Flight Officers so they can ask for Mate Preference, since once claimed, mates can’t be separated from their mate for long periods of time.

Lily Buchanan has just graduated Star Flight Academy and hopes to be placed on the SS Constellation as her first assignment. She’s also hoping to put some distance between herself and Jak as she’s about had it with his hot and cold attitude. While she’s aware he’s graduating as an officer and she’ll be graduating as a petty officer, she still doesn’t get why he flirts with her one moment and acts like he can’t stand to be around her the next.

When Lily’s first assignment teams her up with Jak and Qwin, sparks fly between the twins. Jak is even considering claiming Lily without his twin, which will mean Qwin will never have a mate. When they are attacked and forced to land while they make repairs, Qwin has to decide what is more important to him. Claiming Lily with Jak now or waiting till they are all more secure in their positions.

The chemistry and dynamics between all three characters is well written and thought out. The twins may look alike but their differences are well presented. While Jak comes across as devil-may-care, he also has a determined streak. Qwin on the other hand, is Mr. Responsibly and is steadfast in his beliefs of what is right for him and what is wrong for him. That, however, goes out the window when his as-yet-unclaimed mate’s safety and well being is at stake. Lily is caught in the middle and torn between her attraction to both brothers.

Stellar Heat is a fast paced read and the title says it all. If you’re into a fast pace read with a good story line and hotter than hot heroes this book is for you. I’ve never read Ms. Jameson before but after reading Stellar Heat I’m a fan and will be looking into her backlist. Recommended read all the way from page one till the end. Pick up a copy! Ménage lovers will not be disappointed .


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