When Love Survives by Susan Hanniford Crowley

Title: When Love Survives

Author: Susan Hanniford Crowley

Publisher: Tease Publishing LLC

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60767-075-9

Release Date: Oct 2009

Format: Ebook

Genre: Paranomal/ fantasy/Sci Fi

Length: novella

Rating: 4

Reviewer: GJM

Gregor Vasiliev works at the WTC as a financial advisor, while out on the coffee run he meets his life mate. Little does he know that his hatred for the office coffee will not only bring him his life mate, it could also save his life.

Regina O’Malley is part Elf and part Leprechaun she’s also running late for her on the first day of her internship.  When a stranger snatches her off the street, pulling her into a coffee shop she has no idea that her life has just been saved.

This story takes place on September 11th and I commend Ms Hanniford Crowley on weaving a love story using one of the most tragic days in recent history as a backdrop.  The tales is told with a great deal of compassion and sensitivity.

Regina and Gregor fall in love while volunteering to help find survivors. Regina can hear voices calling to her so she’s more than willing to point the way to trapped survivors. We also meet David Hilliard for the first time his story is actually told in another book but we get a brief introduction to him here.

I really liked this story I especially liked the way Ms. Crowley took a tragedy and turned it into something beautiful. She showed us the spirit of all those that pulled together and volunteered to help. The spirit of the people of New York that to this day we call heroes and heroines


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