Shades of Night by R. G. Porter

Title: Shades of Night

Author: R.G. Porter

Publisher: Eirelander Publishing

Ebook ISBN: 1450544517

Release Date: May  2010

Format: Ebook

Genre: Paranormal, Vampires, Werewolves, Fae

Length: Novel

Rating: 3 1/2

Reviewer: GJM

Krystoff is a Vampire who hunts down and destroys rogue vampires. He is not having a great night the rogue he has tracked down manages to escape him. Edward his friend and fellow hunter comes to tell him that his mother has been murdered by rogues. When the two hunters go to a bar so Edward can give Krystoff more details and the two friends can discuss the changes they have both noticed in the rogues, Krystoff hears a woman sing her voice calls to him and he’ll do whatever he has to meet the owner of that voice.

Alexandra is half Fae and has spent most of her life alone protecting a very special book. She has always avoided vampires so when Krystoff approaches her she’s more than a little scared. Soon after running from Krystoff and Edward Alexander realizes that even though they are vampires they are not as scary as the rogue vampires that are after her, and the knowledge that she doesn’t know she possesses.

The rogue vampires need Alex or more to the point they need her book and the knowledge she possesses to turn day into night so they can rule the earth. They believe that humans are only good for one thing FOOD they also want to free their exiled brethren. Freeing the exiled will so NOT be a good idea. The reasons for why the exiled should remain exiled become more and more obvious as you read.

I found that the tale started a little slow but the pace really picks up a few chapters in Edward is charming and I’m assuming his will be the next story in this series. Krystoff at times annoyed me he seemed too guilt ridden over things that he couldn’t possibly control rather than accepting that sometimes things happen and there is little we can do about it. Alex was really gutsy and after she gets over her initial fears she accepts her destiny for what it is. Even when faced with a choice of dying in order to save Krystoff she makes the decision and sticks to it.

All in all I enjoyed the book what’s not to like a charming vampire and a guilt ridden vampire, lots of not so nice vampires. A half Fae half Human who is just discovering all that she really is, then add in a sprinkling of werewolves.  Something for every paranormal reader out there, there are even a few spirits from beyond that want to give valuable advice to our heroes.


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