Eternal Truths Book 1: Eris by D. Renee Bagby

Title: Eternal Truths Book 1: Eris

Author: D. Renee Bagby

Publisher: Siren Publishing LLC

Ebook ISBN: 1-60601-837-X

Release Date: June 2010

Format: Ebook

Genre: Time Travel, Erotica, Ménage a Trios, Interracial, Romance

Length: Novel Plus 160,000 words

Rating: 5 Lyres Recommended Read

Reviewer: GJM

Ranulf and Lucien have waited centuries to be reunited with Eris. They have even hired private investigators to try and locate her. Not that they have been able to give the investigators a lot of information to go on all they have is the year 2010, and the name Eris, as they have no surname and only a description of what she looked like last time they saw her centuries before. The PI’s have located two women fitting the description but neither woman is called Eris and the woman they find called Eris has the wrong eye color. So imagine how pleased they are when she appears on their doorstep to catalog their comic collection.

When Eris arrives to catalog a comic collection she has no idea how much her life is about to change. While she thinks both her clients are hot, she has a boyfriend, Clayton, and even if she didn’t, becoming involved with two men is the last thing she wants. After being raised in a home with one father and three mothers she wants a monogamous relationship and has no intention of changing her mind.

When Clayton barters Eris as a way to pay his debt to a friend, Eris calls Lucien and Ranulf to come rescue her. Both men are furious when they find out exactly why Eris is stranded and needs rescuing, and they decide now that she is officially single they will pull out all stops to ensure she chooses one of them to spend her life with–if not both of them.

The relationship between Eris, Lucien and Ranulf grows steadily throughout the book as the trio become closer, so too does the time when Eris will be catapulted back in time to meet up with Lucien and Ranulf as they were when she first knew them. Lucien both looks forward to her going back but also dreads it as he has a very guilty secret and holds no hope that Eris will forgive him on her return from the past. While the men have tried to ensure Eris is safe from their mistakes of the past sometimes things just don’t go as planned and Eris once again has to live through Lucien’s wrath.

“OMG!” Ms Bagby has gone to the top of my must read pile. I was so taken in by the characters I loved, yes loved this book. I cried for Eris, I raged at Lucien and Ranulf then I cried for all three of them. Clayton, I’d like to of cleaved in half with his beloved sword. The characters came to life for me, they all had flaws and imperfections and that’s what made them real to me. This is the first book in the series and if the rest of the series is even half as good as this book, Ms Bagby has a winner on her hands. This is not a quickie story–it’s long, complex and involved and worth each and every turn of the 500 pages it took to tell this tale. Thank you, Ms Bagby, for taking the time to share this wonderful story with your readers I will be waiting with bated breath for the next installment.


One thought on “Eternal Truths Book 1: Eris by D. Renee Bagby

  1. OHMYGAWD I cannot wait to get and read this book. Only wish it was in print(paperback or hardback), over 500 pages I would like to have it in book form. I know this story going to be good.

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