Forces of Nature by Lily Grace

Title: Forces of Nature
Author: Lily Grace
Publisher: Torquere Press
Release date: May 2010
Format: Ebook
Genre: Erotica/Gay Romance
Length: Short Story
Rating: 4 Lyres
Reviewer: TR

Drew is in love with his best friend Evan, and has been for 8 years. Evan is everything he is not, fun, sparkling, self-confident, artistic and creative. He is also strikingly beautiful, while Drew has always considered himself average and boring. He cannot see his good points, how fiercely intelligent he is (he is about to finish his PHD in Physics), and how loyal, and that these might be things people valued.  Drew has always thought it was something of a miracle that this fun-loving person chose him for a best friend, and does not want to rock the boat by telling him he is love with him. He will never risk losing Evan from his life. However, one night the forces of nature conspire to bring things to a boiling point.

The tried-and-true formula of a best friend being secretly in love with the other may be something of a cliche, but it is a cliche for a reason. It works. The fact that this is two men involved instead of a man and a woman does not prevent this from being a very tender love story. The author has done a great job of filling in the background of the story, so that even though it is a short story, it still feels complete. It does not just jump straight to the sex, but takes the time to lay down foundation, so by the time we reach the sex it is very moving and touching, and all the more sexy for it. I very much enjoyed this story, and was not left with that empty unsatisfied feeling that short stories can sometimes leave you with. I recommend it for readers who want to be involved with the characters, and do not just want to read a short story that is all about sex.


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