Chinese Love Triad by Berengaria Brown

.Title: Chinese Love Triad
Author: Berengaria Brown
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Release date:July 2010
Format: Ebook
Genre: Erotic Romance, Menage
Length: Short Story
Rating: 2
Reviewer: CLR

Eden is a big, beautiful woman whose ex constantly ridiculed her because of her size. Now she’s a free woman and headed to China for an extended vacation but while waiting for her flight she meets two handsome men, only to lose sight of them as the plane boards. Fortunately, one of them finds her while in-flight and they make plans to meet up later. Zeb and Bryce are best friends. When they meet Eden, both want her and hope she’ll be amenable to dating them both. After a day of sightseeing the trio go back to the men’s hotel room and Eden discovers a side of herself she’s never before experienced.

Well, this book has lots of hot sex but no real emotional connection with anybody.  I felt nothing while reading this book. I kept waiting to get sucked in to story but the characters did not seem to make you feel anything at all. It was like reading a dry text book about sex.  And during one of the sex scenes the author uses the name Luc and there is no Luc in the story.  I was very disappointed because Menages are one of my favorite kind of books and this one seemed to have promise from the write-up but did not deliver in the story.


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