Eternal Love by Karenna Colcroft

Eternal Love by Karenna Colcroft
Title: Eternal Love
Rating: 3
Genre: sensual paranormal romance
Reviewer: Rach

Rhys Trevellian is immortal who continues to live as those around him die and new are born. His one true love Gwen, continues to be reincarnated, but he keeps losing her to the Others who do not want him to change her to his kind. After 900 years, he thought the chance of finding her again would never happen. He settles into a small Maine town and works as a historical romance writer. After a year living there, a woman shows up, waitressing at his usual café hang out. She is his Gwen. The one he never thought to find again and the need to hold her, love her and keep her this time ignites an adventure and mission like none he has known before.

Gwen Davies moved to the small town to outrun a bad relationship that was abusive, to say the least. She has no trust in men and little in herself. When she meets Rhys for the first time she feels a pull, a connection and as their friendship/relationship progresses she knows he is different. She has a hard past to work through and trust issues due to a prior bad relationship. In order to be together they must overcome obstacles she may not be ready to face and a chain of events Rhys hopes they can make through so they can finally be together as he knows they should.

It was difficult at first to connect with the characters. The author stated Gwen was Rhys’ true love and he yearned for her with such passion it pained him, but I did not feel it. The descriptions were vague, as were the situations that would promote that feeling in the reader to cheer on the coming together of this couple. I did not believe or feel the deep-rooted love that the author kept trying to convey. One element of  the book that was difficult for me to connect with was the only way for Rhys to change Gwen and be with her forever was to “couple” and both “spend” themselves at the same moment so a shift would occur that would change her. It did not work for me. The storyline indicates that this act rarely works due to individuals called the “Others” that will kill to ensue this does not happen. It did not feel believable. Gwen is reincarnated numerous times throughout the centuries and Rhys continues to look for her until he has finally given up. As he did in the her prior lives he confronts issues with completing the required “coupling” act which is the only way to keep her. Gwen, on her own merit, has issues that hinder the couple’s progression, which, to me, read like a cookie-cutter formula. Girl has rough past, has hard time trusting, pushes boy away, boy wins trust, ect. There was nothing refreshing or new added to this formula. The theory and thought behind this book was a great concept and there are some pretty great parts of the book, such as the flash backs when you get to understand more of the reasons behind Rhys’ drive and desire to be with Gwen. However, overall, it was an okay read. I needed more description of the dynamics of the relationship as well as a buildup. Within the first 20 pages, the majority of Rhys’ reasoning to be with Gwen and Gwen’s reasoning for not wanting to get close is outlined without a lot of feeling. The words and definitions were there, but the linking the elements together to make a reader feel the pull were not. I really wanted to like and feel for these characters, but in the end, the overall storyline fell short.


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