A Real Husband by NIta Wick

Title: A Real Husband
Author: Nita Wick
Publisher: Passion In Print
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60820-202-7
Release Date: July 2010
Format: Ebook
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: Novel
Rating: 5 Lyres recommended read
Reviewer: GJM

Angelina Kingsley Hawkesworth hasn’t seen or heard from her husband in eight years. She was a child bride and the marriage was arranged by her dying father in order to protect her and her inheritance from her uncle who was known to be a wastrel. She has decided it’s past time that her husband acknowledge her and give her the child she so desperately wants. Then he can be on his way again back to London and his mistresses.

The last thing Darien (Hawk) Hawkesworth wanted at the ripe age of twenty was a wife. The fact that she was a child bride didn’t exactly make him more receptive to the idea at all. He did, however, learn that because she was little more than a child he didn’t have to claim her as his bride right away, in fact they didn’t have to live together at all till she was mature enough to claim. So he lived the charmed life of a libertine he could have all the women he wanted and because he was already married no one was trying to foist their daughters of on him. He really was having his cake and eating it too. That was until he received a message from his wife asking is they could meet as she had things to discuss with him. He has mistakenly thought that in the eight years that have passed Angelina has remained the same as the day they were married.

Angelina is no longer a child. She is a grown woman who wants one thing and one thing only– a child to ease her loneliness. She’s well aware her husband doesn’t want her; she’s read all the gossip about his philandering ways; his habit of never keeping a woman longer than a few months at a time. She could never trust a man like that and she could certainly never give him her heart. She’s really not surprised at all when the first think he does when he arrives is to try and seduce a woman he believes to be one of the maids into his bed. Unfortunately the maid is none other than Angelina.

I read the authors excerpt for this book and just had to have it, I mean who doesn’t want to know how Angelina reacted to that, her own husband 1) not knowing who she was and 2) propositioning one of her maids into his bed. Let’s just say Hawk has some explaining to do.

The characters leap of the pages and you can’t help loving them Angelina is headstrong and independent and way more woman than Hawk had counted on. Hawk for his part thinks he can barge in take over and boss his wife around hmmm believe me Angelina will have a few things to say about that.
There is even a secondary plot where someone is trying to kill Hawk and Ms Wick combines them both with flair neither plot suffers at the expense. Be warned this is one of those can’t put it down must turn the next page as I just have to know what happens next type of books that will have you up till the small hours of the morning. A truly awesome read pick it up you’ll not be disappointed.


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