Let’s Do It Again by Roslyn Holcomb

Off Like a Prom Dress: Let’s Do It Again
By Roslyn Hardy Holcomb
Published by Loose ID
Genre: Multicultural Contemporary
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Rach

Dyanne and Jack were high school sweethearts. Senior year on Prom night, Dyanne hands over her innocence to Jack and winds up pregnant. Her father is livid and bullies Jack and Dyanne into the marriage. Jack continues his life goal and attends medical school to become a neurosurgeon while Dyanne raises the children. Seventeen years later after having a husband who is never home and who has emotionally checked out of the marriage and their two boys off at college, Dyanne asks for a divorce. Now, five years later after riding together to attend their son’s induction into Premed Honor Society the attraction they thought had died ignites a new passion they never knew existed. Dyanne propositions Jack into an exciting and no-holds-bar-sex-only relationship. The pain of the past and uncertainty of the future has this couple clinging to every minute and ensuring they indulge in the ultimate pleasure while it lasts and before it can break their hearts once again.

The dynamics between Jack and Dyanne are expressed well. As a reader you can feel Dyanne’s need to not get close and Jack’s remorse at letting her go. There were a couple instances in the book that did not sit well with such as it taking seventeen years to realize the errors of one’s way and the ability after five years to not have moved on to any relationship at all, but that did not deter from the enjoyment of the book. The book is sexually explicit and very hot at times (fan should have been included in purchase of the book). Due to the length of the look I was disappointed in the depth the book went into addressing both what lead up to their marriage and what transpired to forcing its demise. There are moments of emotional pull where you can feel the pain and sadness the characters are dealing with, but without the entire understanding of the whole picture I felt it lacked realism when dealing with Dyanne proposing a sexual no strings attached type of relationship. All in all it was a fast, but entertaining read. A book you can read within a couple hours (only 84 pages) and feel good when you have finished, but not one you will really remember a year from now. However, the characters names did keep me thinking about a song about a Jack and Diane.


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