Pirate’s Promise By Laurie Ryan

Pirate’s Promise By Laurie Ryan
Title: Pirate’s Promise
Rating: 4
Genre: sensual contemporary romance
Reviewer: Rach

Julia Branholt is on the fast track to becoming partner in a prestigious law firm and achieving that goal before she turns 30 years old is her only goal. Love, friendship, anything to deter from meeting that goal is pushed to the wayside. Hakon “Hawk” Thoralseen II is trying to ensure distance from his power driven father and saving a small town in a forgotten country guarantees the distance is irreversible. Hawk’s decision on how to save the town he loves brings Julia and him together. Hawk the modern day pirate’s need for a quick fix causes him to be in hot water and stepping toe to toe with an even hotter lawyer. He is yet another long line of pro-bono work Julia’s firm assigns to her. The chemistry is very apparent from the first time they lay eyes on each other. However, at what cost and who is either willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to come together when the passion blazes hotter than either imagined? Is the danger behind the destruction of a small town in a forgotten country enough to bring two very different people to find a common ground not associated with just a bedroom?

The characters were fun, relatable and exciting. A reader can feel the desire and passion between Julia and Hawk and route for them to overcome all obstacles. The story premise was fun and light, an easy entertaining read. There was action, adventure, hidden passion and little bit of cutting corners around the law. The steamy love scenes were not over done and did not take away from the story line. The scenes were explicit to a point and only added value to a readers drive to keep reading. Hawk’s fear of love due his wife who had passed away and Julia’s need to prove herself to her father who is also gone pushes these two in different directions, but passion and lust always brought them back together. But reading about how love could heal all was a real treat.


One thought on “Pirate’s Promise By Laurie Ryan

  1. Thank you for the great review, Rach. I had a lot of fun writing this book and really appreciate your comments, especially regarding the love scenes. I work very hard to find the right balance.

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