Desire of Three by Jade James

Desire of Three by Jade James
Title: Desire of Three
Rating: 4
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: Rach

Alex loves Haley and she finally feels she had found a man who she can trust and give her heart, soul and body. Their lust runs deep and the need to be together never seems to cease. Alex has a secret he finally can longer run from: Lucian. Alex and Lucian have to work together on a murder case where a rouge vampire is killing other vampires and anyone else who gets in his way. The closer they have to work together the thicker the tension and attraction gets. Alex does not want to hurt Haley and she still and always will have his heart, but he can no longer deny his desire for Lucian. Lucian is an old and powerful vampire and the first time he saw Alex he knew they were destined to be together. The passion in Alex’s eyes and the fire in the briefest of touches scorch him down to his toes. He know Alex’s relationship with Haley and one look at her he finds himself enamored of the gorgeous feisty woman. How are they going to figure out what could be while trying to catch a killer vampire who unbeknownst to them, have targeted them as his one of his victims?

Jade James constructs explicit sexual scenes that make the reader in desperate need of a fan. She has a true talent in the erotica genre. Some portions of this book had me blushing. The passion was never lacking and the picture she paints with her words take you right into the characters needs, wants and desires. The only aspect I felt it lacked was true character understanding and development outside the bedroom (or kitchen, police station, or dungeon). Alex’s constant denial started to become unbelievable. The friction and sexual tension was evident, but I think Alex’s anger was a bit overstated. The plot started to get frustrating versus enjoyable. However, the book did pick up again and once again the book provided a roller coaster of emotions from Alex, Haley and Lucian. The secondary story line of the killer vampire did not work for me. I did not understand the true motive for the murders. When it is revealed as to who the murderer was, I barely remembered him or his connection to the main characters. There was not the level of suspense that would have elevated the lust between the characters and add that extra spice in the love scenes.

Overall, the love triangle was written well and I enjoyed the premise for the book. The push and pull of the sexual tension was well written. For a quick erotic read, this book is perfect. Skillfully perfected love scenes with a bit of drama, mystery and suspense. The main purpose for reading this book would be to enjoy some entertaining erotica and forget the outside world a wish maybe a little you were in their world.


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