Celestial Heat by Ali Atwood

Title: Celestial Heat
Author: Ali Atwood
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-55487-488-0
Release Date: 2010
Format: Ebook
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi Romance, BDSM/Bondage
Length: Novella
Rating: 4
Reviewer: GJM

Dr Feyna Sy Tordinay is a clinical psychologist with The Starfleet Psych Commission. Her job is to evaluate the crew and officers of the Starfleet Galactic warships. On the way to her current assignment she discovers that the commander of said warship is none other than Ketrick DeSardon, the man that broke her heart five years earlier. For the past five years she’s been wondering what she did wrong that caused him to leave her without an explanation.

Ketrick decides to greet Feyna as she comes aboard his vessel rather than send a crew member to escort her to her quarters and give her the tour. He mistakenly believes that the sexual attraction he once felt for her is long dead. At first glance he realizes that nothing has changed and he wants her back in his bed even if it’s just for the duration of her stay aboard The Stalker.

Feyna fights her attraction to Ketrick but in the end succumbs to her need for him not knowing that they are actually mates and the more they share sexual pleasure the stronger their psychic abilities become. Abilities they will need to defend their home planet from its deadliest enemies.

I really enjoyed this story and the chemistry between Feyna and Ketrick was present from page one, whether they were fighting each other and their attraction to each other or giving in and letting passion rule them. Both characters were believable. The story was fast paced and Ms Atwood kept my interest from the first page till the last. The only complaint I would have is the genre classification I’d of left out BDSM/Bondage as it’s one scene and it’s more play that true BDSM . Other than that a great read and I’ll be watching for Ms Atwood’s next offering.


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