Forty-Eight Hour Burn [Service Club 1] By Tonya Ramagos

Forty-Eight Hour Burn [Service Club 1] By Tonya Ramagos
Title: Forty-Eight Hour Burn [Service Club 1]
GENRE: Contemporary Menage Erotica
PUBLISHER: Siren Publishing
Rating: 3 ½
Reviewer: Rach
Georgia loves Gavin and knows his kind of loving is hard and demanding. She also knows a relationship with Gavin would include his best friend Randy. Over the years as she has hungered for Gavin, she has discovered a blossoming love for Randy. She is primed and ready to take on these rough demanding Firefighter Cowboys. Her only hesitation is that from their first touch she knows the passion they will ignite can burn her to her core and she could lose herself to them.
With only forty-eight hours Randy is set on showing Georgia all the erotic pleasures they inflict and that a relationship with them would provide her all the love and pleasures she could have ever dreamed.
Gavin will accept nothing but complete submission from Georgia and she must relinquish all control. There will be no compromise and room for discussion. Especially with a new danger threatening the happiness they were just starting to explore.
The characters were fun, but a bit one-dimensional. I wanted to know more about the past between Gavin and Georgia. I felt as though I was missing a big chunk on the story. There are quite a few explanations in regards to certain aspects of what had transpired previously, however, it was written as in a “matter of fact” manner. The friction and sexual tension between the characters was fantastic. A reader can feel the need and longing Gavin exudes. The erotic scenes would make anyone hot and bothered. Tonya Romagos has a talent for writing smoking hot love scenes with the just right balance of fire and tenderness. This was a novella, only 138 pages and a lot is packed into the short novel. In addition to the evolving romance between Georgia, Randy and Gavin someone is tormenting the people in the town who live in menage relationships. The crimes begin to escalate in cruelty and Gavin becomes even more determined in his controlling ways. The unraveling of the crimes and the reaction by Gavin did not flow well. The buildup was almost a letdown. However, all in all it was a fun and hot quick read and I will definitely check out book two of this series.


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