The Wagonmaster By Nita Wick

Title: The Wagonmaster
Author: Nita Wick
Publisher: Freya’s Bower
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-935013-47-1
Release Date: Available now
Format: Ebook
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: Novel
Rating: 5 Lyres recommended read
Reviewer: GJM
Adelaide Jennings is a woman ahead of her times, not only has she studied at Harvard she has graduated and is a doctor not an easy feat since she’s a woman and while she may be qualified it’s doubtful she’ll ever practice her trade simply because she’s a woman. Addie’s motivation is her father who is dying of consumption while she now knows she can’t cure him she does plan on getting to Oregon so she can ease his suffering in his final days.
When she is denied permission to join the last wagon train of the year, leaving Fort Laramie for Oregon because she’s female and single. Addie decides to proposition the Wagon master Joshua Reynolds. She pleads with him to marry her in name only and promises that she’ll have her father’s solicitors draw up and file the paperwork to dissolve the marriage as soon as they reach their destination.
Joshua Reynolds doesn’t want a wife, he had one before and it didn’t work out well. However he reluctantly agrees to a marriage in name only. He also informs Addie that he will be busy so she had best be able to fend for herself on the trail as he won’t have the time to coddle her.
When some of the families with the wagon train are struck with cholera it’s up to Addie to put her medical knowledge to the test, but when Addie succumbs to the dreaded disease who will save her?
This story is a must read for historical fans, the characters are so well written and the story line grabs you from page one and just doesn’t let you go till the end. Ms Wick gets a recommended read from me as I believe that whenever an author can get a reader to laugh or cry while reading they deserve the highest honors. I not only laughed a few times I also shed a few tears along the way the only time I put the book down was to go grab the Kleenex. Kudo’s Nita you truly have an amazing talent for drawing in your readers.


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