A Thin Line by Emma Hillman

A Thin Line By Emma Hillman
Title: A Thin Line
GENRE: Romance, Rubenesque
PUBLISHER: Excessica
Length: Novelette (15,997 words)
Rating: 2 ½
Reviewer: Rach

While doing laundry late one evening Kate ends up being locked in the apartment’s laundry room with her gorgeous neighbor. Though they have never spoken, Jace’s breath-taking good looks he would be hard not notice around. One night of passion is all she had thought it would be, just a way to keep warm and have a little fun. However, she just could not get enough of Jace. What he does to her body and the feelings he stirs in has her keep letting him come back for more even though Jace has a girlfriend.

Jace cannot seem to stop himself from knocking on Kate’s door almost every night. She is fun and full of fire and passion, but not the type of girl he needs on his arm while he climbs the ladder of his career. Liza is what he needs for his image. A thin picture perfect debutant who comes from class and wealth is the ideal woman for him to marry. Kate is voluptuous and working class, not good for his image, but he cannot and does want to stay away.

The book frustrated me, which is good and bad. Good because the characters were believable and as a reader I took a vested inertest in the story line. I wanted to want Kate and Jace to find a happily ever after together. I felt Kate’s pain and understood her confusion at whom she is and what she wants for herself. I felt I knew Jace and could sense the type of person he could be in reality. However, Kate’s constant wining and wishy-washy behavior got exasperating. She kicks him out, she takes him back, she loves him, and she hates him. The most disappointing part for me was the way Jace treated Kate and how she allowed it. Jace has a girlfriend whom he is not being faithful to and even tells Kate why he cannot leave her is because of Kate’s appearance. Jace is a little too clueless and shallow to be a likeable character and the fact he is cheating with Kate rubbed me the wrong way. By the end of the story I no longer wanted Kate to be with Jace. I wanted her to find some self-confidence and find a man worthy of her. The story was written well, I just personally could not like the hero and if I cannot find any sympathy for the hero, it makes it hard to enjoy the book.


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