The Marriage Bargain by Sandra Edwards

The Marriage Bargain
by Sandra Edwards
GENRE: Sensual Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel (approx 58K words)
ISBN# 978-0-9829099-1-1
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Rach
Camille Chandler is a journalist interning at a trashy tabloid magazine in hopes of landing a permanent position. Her hefty student loan payments are fast approaching and with a secured position her money woes would not be all that bad. With her first journalist job practically in the bag with endless possibilities to further her career and be able to meet her loan terms life was not half bad. That is until she is assigned a task that winds up taking her organized world, wreaking havoc on all she depended on and the worst part is it could end up breaking her heart.
France’s multi-millionaire and deemed playboy Julian de Laurent is need of a wife to fend off the arranged marriage by his father. He thought placing an ad in the LA Trades was a full proof method in obtaining an actress he can pay to play the role for six months. What he didn’t expect was to find someone like Camille Chandler or for what turned out as a fake marriage to turn into more. Will his inability to trust and Camille’s secrets tear apart true love?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Camille’s character is strong, proud and a bit misguided about life. She accepts an offer to play Julian’s wife for six month believing their mutual attraction can be ignored and when it is evident that is not the case she believes she can protect her heart. The reader’s gets a good amount of background to understand why Camille has the issues she has and you can feel her confusion, uncertainty and loneness by the way the author has developed the character. I could not help, but love Julian. He was intense when he needed to be, but he had such a soft heart and even though he saw himself as not being capable to love you see right through to his heart. This book is only 140 pages, but the author was able to create depth to the characters and even the secondary characters, such as Julian’s brother Andre and Camille’s best friend Tasha provides comedy relief just when it was needed. There was only one true love scene, but it was sweet and sensual. The chemistry of Camille and Julian is intoxicating. I would recommend this book for when you are in the mood for a light fun love story with a HEA ending.


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