Something New by Cameron Dane

Something New by Cameron Dane
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC
Genre: Menage Suspense
Length: Novel Plus
ISBN: 978-1-60737-824-2
Rating: 2 ½
Reviewer: Rach
Abby Gaines doesn’t believe in love or happily-ever-after. After witnessing her parents’ brutal murder at a young age she was thrown into the foster care system which has hardened her heart and made her adamant never to allow anyone to penetrate her protective shield around her heart. When she begins to have feeling her good friends, alpha male Rodrigo Santiago and bi-sexual Braden Crenshaw she tries to rationalize her feelings are strictly sexual fantasies and nothing she would ever act on.

Rodrigo Santiago is also a product of the foster care system and has similar issues with trust and love. He uses verbal warfare to try to fend off the desires and picks fights to get a rise out of her when ever in the same room with Abby. Yet he can’t stop his body from reacting to her every time he even thinks about her let alone bantering with her. She is the star of his every erotic dream, but the most frightening part is she is not the only one playing the starring role.
Braden Crenshaw wants both Abby and Rodrigo in his bed and his heart for the rest of their lives. He never thought he would ever find a relationship that would not force him to settle and eventually break someone’s heart. He knows the passion and lust that sparks between them all would produce an inferno that would melt steel.

Abby starts having nightmares about the night of her parent’s murder and she knows the only two people who can help her are Rodrigo and Braden. One late night call starts a chain of events and sets off a blinding passion they never expected. Nor did they expect the information Abby’s dreams would produce. The killer may still be on the loose and now that Abby is starting to remember it may put her in danger.

I like the premise for the book. The story of Abby’s parents murdered in front of her and the emotional turmoil it produced sounded like a great story. Even the love affair between her, Rodrigo and Braden was a plot I could get on board with. I felt a little disappointed and ended the book feeling like something was missing. The conflict between Rodrigo and Abby didn’t feel genuine. The writing didn’t invoke that desperation a reader gets to want the heroine and hero to get together. The book had a lot of explicit sex with m/f/m, f/m and m/m parts. Some of the sections were a bit overdone and took away from the storytelling. The best part of the book was Braden’s character. He was well written and read like someone you would know. He brought comic relief when needed and helped smooth the uncomfortable sections of the book. The story line of Abby’s parents did keep me intrigued and was surprised by the ending. Overall, not a fantastic read, but did have elements that were good. I just wished the book had a more substance and believability.

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