Unsweet Dreams by Shawn Wall

Title: Un-Sweet Dreams
Author: Shawn Wall
Ebook ISBN: 1-60601-833-7
Release Date: May 2010
Format: Ebook
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Rating: 3 Lyres
Reviewer: GJM

Suzanne Foster’s dreams are certainly not the sweet type that we wish our loved ones. No, her dreams foretell deaths. She dreamed about her grand father’s death the night before he died. She also dreamed of her ex Dwayne the night he died in a fatal car accident. As if that’s not bad enough she harbors a lot of guilt over Dwayne’s death as he drove drunk after she had shamelessly flirted with someone she knew he hated just to reinforce they were over. Rather than face the people in the small town she lives in she runs away to college where she meets Seth Griffith who has problems of his own.

Seth Griffith is smart good looking and charming he’s even been hailed as a hero as he seems to have an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. When he starts dating Suzanne she shares her secret with him but he’s not really ready to share his secret curse with her or anybody else outside of his family. He has visions of the future and has been able to save lives but his visions may let him down when a serial killer starts terrorizing the college.
I have to admit this book had a very slow start and didn’t grab my interest for quite awhile in fact I put it down more than once and came back to it later.

However it did finally pick up the pace and become interesting. Unfortunately it totally lost me again at the end I felt it became too melodramatic with the whole “does he love me, doesn’t he love me” thing. Suzanne’s insecurity and Seth’s whole going overboard and becoming a control freak while trying to keep her safe just drove me crazy. In places I really wanted to take out a red pen and tighten up the editing as it really was lax in a few places.

All that being said I loved the twist in the killer’s identity I also loved how Ms Wall had me believing it was all over then threw in another curve ball in the killer subplot. I don’t want to give away the two twists but I never saw either of them coming.


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